Parking lot problems


Kellie Halvey

Student driving to school.

Cathy Yuen, Staff Reporter

Many students are having negative experiences with the restricted regulations of the parking lot at Rockfeller. Ever since Riverside Brookfield lost control of it during the past few months, many students face challenges that cause them to change their routines.

Johanna Bilek, a senior at Riverside Brookfield, gets a ride from a friend who parks in the Riverside Brookfield parking lot.

“It is always crowded and there are a lot of people walking around which makes it difficult to enter and exit the property,” said Bliek.

Julia Keller, a senior at Riverside Brookfield, has been having stepbacks to her routine to arrive on time.

“I do sometimes have to arrive earlier than usual but I generally arrive when there isn’t any traffic since I have morning practice for swim,” said Keller.

Not only does it affect students’ time getting here, but also effects leaving due to students attending other priorities outside of school.

“I also have to leave earlier since it can get hard leaving the parking lot but also when I get on the road, it can take until 3:30 for the traffic to stop,” said Bilek.

But sometimes it doesn’t affect students, especially those who leave the school later in the evenings.

“I usually have swimming practice or a meet so I don’t get out until 5:00 so traffic after school isn’t a big problem for me,” said Keller.