Do you have what it takes to stick with a sport?


Courtesy of George Georgopoulos

Zachary Georgopoulos on the field

Kenton Baer, Staff Reporter

Sticking with a sport for more than at least two years must be challenging for some, but some students at Riverside Brookfield have endured an athlete’s lifestyle.

Charlie Robling, junior has had success in his three years as an RBHS water polo player. He scored around 90 goals with varsity and junior varsity in the 2015-2016 season. He has also been asked to play for the windy city Water Polo team.

“I’ve never ever thought about quitting. I’m pumped for the season,” said Robling.

Sharing Robling’s story of success is junior John Kosner, who has been playing baseball since age four. He plays year round so it’s definitely a commitment. John has been on varsity since he was a sophomore.

“Baseball’s been a big part of my life,” said Kosner.

Multi-sport player Ike Jebb has been playing soccer for nine years now, but also plays baseball during his off season. Jebb has played on the varsity soccer team since he was a sophomore. He plays year round, so sports have a large influence on his life. He plays for Chicago Inter in the spring season.

“I’ve never thought about quitting soccer. I feel a strong commitment to the team,” said Jebb.                      

With the demanding schedule that athletes often have, it can be difficult to balance your sport and your education. Sophomore Andrew Veon has found that balance and works hard to maintain it.

Veon plays for Chicago Lockdown when he’s not playing for RB.

He likes to do all his work before school with a teacher so he can keep up with basketball. Andrew also plays baseball for RB in the Spring.

“I also play baseball, but basketball is my favorite sport, I’ve never thought about quitting it,”  said Veon.

Freshman Chris Doherty has been playing football for seven years. He had his first season for Riverside Brookfield High School this past fall. Doherty played with his freshman team and also played with the sophomores. Chris does everything he can to keep up on his school work and play football at the same time.

“I’ve been in love with the game since third grade, I’ve never thought about quitting,” said Doherty.