Main Gym unveiled, students and staff react


Jessica Whigam

The newly constructed Main Gym here at RB.

Sydney Sandrick, Staff Reporter

This year at Riverside Brookfield High School the Main Gym floors were replaced. Construction began over the summer and has just recently opened to the school once again.

Since there has been some conflicts about whether people liked or disliked the new gym renovations, Clarion went out and asked people for their opinion.

“I like the old logo in the middle of the court better because it was the bulldog and showed our mascot and now it’s just kind of plain and boring,” said sophomore Ryan Cermak.

In the new renovations in the gym, the lines are hard to see because they are tan color and it blends in with wood floor.

“I like the new gym; it’s always great to see a new gym floor. What I didn’t like was how bright it is in the gym and how it’s hard to see some of the lines on the floor,” said sophomore Erin Redovan.

However, there are some positives to the new gym.

“I like the new gym floor because it’s different and the new scoreboard is nice. I’m excited to start playing on the new floor,” said sophomore Hahvon Jacobs.

Sophomore Kayla Fitzgerald says that before the bleacher stairs felt dangerous to go up and down on. They used to shake and felt unstable. Now Fitzgerald says she loves the new gym and is looking forward to the games in there.

“I like the new bleachers because they seem more stable and safe for our big crowds during the sports season,” said Fitzgerald.

Not only did the construction affect after school sports, but it also affected gym classes.

“The delay in finishing the renovations of the gym caused my volleyball units to be shortened and a lot of my students were disappointed. The volleyball units were also affected a little by the difficulty in determining whether the balls were in our out of bounds due to the lines blending with the floor,” said PE 9 teacher Tim Ehlebracht.