Bulldogs give thanks to RB

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Bulldogs give thanks to RB

Emilia Gonzalez, Staff Reporter

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As the year 2016 comes to an end and Thanksgiving Day gets closer, RBHS students get in their bulldog pride spirit. Several students shared what they are thankful for about the school.

As many cheesy sayings go, the best things in life are not material.

“Something unique about RB is that we all support one another, whether it’s cheering on a sports team or joining a new club, we are always there for each other,” said senior Emma Conway.

It is important that the students show their appreciation; it is a way of thanking the school.

“We can show how thankful we are by participating in school spirit. For example, Bulldog Blue Fridays, the 6th man at basketball games, and even homecoming spirit week,” said Conway.

Teachers at RB are also highly appreciated, especially by senior students.

“I’m grateful for my wonderful teachers who took their time and effort to write my college recommendation letters,” said senior Sierra Azfar. “I can show my gratefulness by expressing it through words or by giving thank you gifts.”

Students aren’t the only ones who feel lucky to be a part of RB, though.

“There are many aspects about RBHS that I am thankful for,” said teacher Brendan Curtin. “I [thank] the number of people who go the extra mile in developing a culture of greatness at what is already an excellent school. One does not need to look very hard to observe students, staff and teachers helping others out with acts of kindness and thoughtfulness.”

For some, thanking means giving back.

“I am big believer in paying it forward,” said Curtin. “I have found that initiating random acts of kindness and thoughtfulness to others has a way of continuing the cycle to others and plays a significant role in developing a culture of greatness.”

There are endless unique things about RB to be thankful for, not just this time of the year, but any time of the year. This year, take the time to thank your school for what you are thankful for.

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Bulldogs give thanks to RB