The Start of a New Season


Jessica Whigam

First Basketball game of 2016

Jessica Whigam, Staff Reporter

The Riverside Brookfield High School Bulldogs won their first game on Monday against Rich Central VanDemerkt Classic. They had to do a lot of preparing for this season, from scrimmages to lifting weights the team practices every day. Both the varsity and sophomore teams agreed they have some things they have to work on this season but they are determined to get better.

Junior Donald McCurdy, on the varsity team,  told Clarion he was excited to play with his teammates after a long year of not playing. He devotes most of his time to the game and is always trying to get better.

“This season I am preparing by practicing more and making sure I get into the gym to shoot around. The team itself is getting to know each other more and really trying to work together and trust each other more,” said McCurdy.

Junior Devin Moody, on the varsity team, states he is motivated by his teammates and coaches helping him get better. He also told us that he is very committed to the team.

“I am doing a lot of weightlifting and shooting. The team is working on their defensive skills and shooting a lot,” said Moody.

The sophomore players have also told Clarion some of their teams weaknesses and what they plan on doing themselves and as a team to get better.

Sophomore Hahvon Jacobs agreed that the team does have things to work on, he thinks they can beat the teams that beat them last year.

“We can work harder this year, we lost a few games last year I know we can win this year if we’re really dedicated to winning conference again,” said Jacobs.

Assistant coach Dan Herbeck knows that there is always room for improvement. He told us that the team has a few weak spots with defense and rebounding, of course he and coach Tom McCloskey are working with the team to fix that.

“We’re trying to make practices as competitive as possible. We try to simulate game like situations. If we create a competitive atmosphere, that’s half the battle, these kids want to win, they like to see that they have more points than the other team,” said Herbeck.