Update: Brookfield construction comes to a close

Jillian Dahms, Staff Reporter

Work on a major flood control system in Brookfield began Tuesday, September 27. This construction caused many problems for residents in Brookfield and the surrounding areas. The Village of Brookfield is happy to hear it has ended.

On Wednesday, November 23, Washington Avenue opened up for transportation again.

On September 27, transportation such as cars, buses, and pedestrians had to take a detour to get to their destination. This created traffic issues, causing many working citizens and students to be late to either work or school.

According to an email update from the Village of Brookfield, this construction consisted of many parts, including a new storm sewer on Washington Avenue, an underground water storage vault in Forest Avenue, and an above ground storage unit on Forest Avenue.

Because construction is now finished, transportation and pedestrians will have an easier time commuting to school and work. Students at RBHS are expected to arrive at school on time now that construction is finished.