Balancing the books: how AP students manage time

AP European History students preparing for a test.

AP European History students preparing for a test.

AP European History students preparing for a test.

Jaylyn Bravo, Staff Reporter

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Here at RBHS, a variety of AP classes have been offered to students. Time management is very questionable as to how some students do it. Two AP students, Ashley Rivera and Adrien Segura, both in AP European History, answers differed in how they manage their time, and level of work completed.

“Work completion is a little tricky considering I am in basketball but I need to have it done so I work my hardest,” said Rivera.

Dedicating time outside of school can be a challenge to AP students.

“On weekends I usually have time for my friends but not really on weekdays and if so it is not for very long,”  said Segura.

Being stressed is a big part of being an AP student, having to account for the bigger work load.

“It’s very stressful because you are challenged academically but also if you are new in AP it is a different atmosphere, most kids who have been in AP are used of the class feeling so you feel a little bit of more pressure,” said Segura.

Deciding to go into AP was a big decision for both.

Both wanted to challenge their minds and capability of learning. The work overload did not matter to either of them because they motivated themselves to take on the hard work.

Another stressful thing about AP is that if you do not pass the AP test at the end of the year students do not receive the college credit.

“I want to study hard for the AP test and hope for the best because I really want the college credit”, said Segura.

Although all of the stress they both plan on taking AP again next year.

“I am taking two AP classes next year, I like the challenge it helps me actually challenge my brain,” said Rivera.

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Jaylyn Bravo, Staff Reporter
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Balancing the books: how AP students manage time