Freshmen boys dribble into new territory


Rahim Kouferidji

Coach Aldape talks to the team

Rahim Kouferidji, Staff Reporter

With new seasons come new sports, and Basketball is no exception. Winter also marks the beginning of the Freshmen boys’ high school Basketball careers.

This year, the roster consists of twenty freshmen, with eight on the A team and twelve on the B team.

The sport is very important to them, as some have been playing for a long time.

“I’ve been playing basketball since about second grade,” said Ricardo Linares a freshman on the B team. “I played on a travel team fourth through eighth grade, and through all of middle school.”

The practices are rigorous, and usually span about two and a half hours. The teams usually go over plays and run drills given by their coaches Brian Kusnierz and David Aldape.

“They are really tough. I’m exhausted after every single practice. It’s nothing like any practice I’ve been to before,” said Kevin McKenna, another freshman on the B team.

However, McKenna stated that high school basketball is superior to middle school basketball, as the energy is a lot higher. The teams play for a lot more people and more money is put into the program.

While some plan to continue playing throughout the years, others intend to leave after this season.

“I think it will be too hard to balance academics and sports,” said Linares.

So far, the freshmen are off to a great start, with the A team being 3-0 and the B team 2-1. No matter what happens next year, everyone is excited for their upcoming games this season.

“All the practicing is worth it when you get to play games. All the work you put in and practice pays off,” said McKenna.