Accept don’t except: Safe zone posters promote respect


Destiny Herrera, Staff Reporter

Within the last few weeks, new safe zone posters have been displayed all around RBHS. Students and teachers can look around to see bright pink triangles surrounded by a green ring, but does anybody know what it really means?

“The upside down pink triangle with the green circle around it is actually the symbol for gay rights resistance,” said Rosie Nolan, senior at RBHS.

This is not the first time reminders like this have been enforced throughout the building. Due to recent events they have made a comeback as small steps to be the voice for those who have felt belittled by a peer.

“The RBGSA has offered similar posters regarding a safe space every year for the past several years,” said Maggie Leiteritz, a guidance counselor at RBHS.

Some may overlook these posters as being another flyer on the wall, but the message written says a lot more than meets the eye.

The description under the bright symbol has one special word typed in bold and italics; respect.

Ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender expression, socio-economic background, religion, ability, age and race are all included as a list under the word respect.

“Any adult in the building will be supportive. Their job is to protect kids and make sure they feel safe,” said Leiteritz.

Teachers and adults around the building will be supportive regarding how the students feel. They are here to help shape everyone and make them into even better people.

“It’s all about the teachers enforcing it rather than the students stopping, because that’s our first step,” said Nolan.

Coming to school five days a week may not be an ideal subject of happiness, but that does not mean it has to be a negative place. Respecting others and supporting who they are is what is expected from everyone while in the building.