Patty Conway continues her passion for nursing at RB


Conway speaking on the phone

Alexis Gurschke, Staff Reporter

In the past few weeks, RB has welcomed a new member to its staff. Patty Conway, school nurse, has worked at many schools, but recently came from Irving Elementary. She has a lot of experience in the nursing field and has chosen to work full time here at RB.

She started her nursing career after graduating from Triton, working on the first floor at MacNeal. She then switched to home health and left to spend time at home and raise her kids for many years.

“School nursing kinda chose me… I got a call from administration at Lyons Township and their nurse was out on a medical leave and they were in need of somebody covering the office and someone gave them my number,” said Conway.

She stepped in, not knowing anything about the environment, and grew to love the job.

“I like the school environment, I like teenagers and this age group. I think I am best suited for high school,” said Conway.

Before nursing, she worked five and a half years at a great job before realizing that something was missing from her life. She decided she wanted to be a nurse and left her job to go to college.

“It’s been busy. I have lots to become familiar with: students, procedures, just the flow and running the office everyday, but it’s been very good,” said Conway.

Conway used to sub at RB around 15 years ago, but never worked full time here until now. She has been off to a running start and enjoys her time here so far.

“Everybody has been very warm and welcoming. I do, I like RB. I had my eye on applying for a high school job and so I was happy to see that RB came available. It seems like a very nice environment and people are friendly and helpful, and for every work environment that’s important,” Conway says.