Future Bulldog Night inspires students


Mia Donnamario

Scholastic Bowl at their table

Gabby Gilhooley, Staff Reporter

Future Bulldog Night took place on January 18, 2017 at Riverside Brookfield High School. The event was held for incoming freshman and other students of RB. Members and representatives from several clubs and sports advertised their activity to gain interest. Students were placed near the area according to their club/sport to answer questions the incoming students had.

“I met people from Hauser and Komarek and got information of my classes,” Incoming freshman Zaida Dangerfield said.

Dangerfield enjoyed Future Bulldog Night and also found interest in Cheerleading and Poms.

“I’m nervous about the challenging classes I have and excited to meet new people and have a good experience,” said Dangerfield.

Overall, Dangerfield had a fun experience and is nervous yet excited to be a freshman at RB.

“It was positive,” said the leader of the Science Department and organizer of Future Bulldog Night Christy Hughes.

Hughes’s job was to answer questions about the different classes of biology future freshman should take.

“I enjoyed getting to know parents and the community,” said Hughes.

Melissa Carmona who is the new scholastic bowl coach for the 2016-2017 season was also at Freshman Bulldog Night.

“It was great, everyone was excited,” said biology and earth science teacher Melissa Carmona.

The event was held all over the school compared to the past, where it would only be held in the main gym.