RB basketball teams’ paths point towards playoffs


Courtesy of RBHS Athletics

Jump-ball at the Varsity boys Fenwick game.

Dylan Drews, Staff Reporter

So far this season, the Riverside-Brookfield High School boys Varsity basketball team has earned a 8-13 record. Unfortunately, the team is not having the extraordinary season they had a year ago. They have lost a few heart-breakers and gone on a couple losing streaks; however, this is not a concern of head coach Tom McCloskey.

“We’ve had our ups and downs but the players are working as best as they possibly can. Hopefully we’ll have a strong finish in the next four weeks,” explained Head Coach McCloskey.

Unfortunately, multiple players quit the basketball team just a few weeks into the season and some of which were even starters.

“You just move on. You don’t dwell on it. It is what it is and I was so proud of our guys. Nobody even talked about it. We just went to the next guy up and and moved on. I’m just so proud of these guys,” said McCloskey.

After the loss of a few players, the boys moved on and looked for improvement.

“Rebounding and defense. We allow too many points to other teams. Offensively we score a lot of points but getting stops definitely has to be a goal. However, offensively we score a lot of points. We’ve had some great shooting nights and this group plays well together as a team,” emphasised McCloskey.

Behind leaders such as senior Jalen Clanton, the team must pull themselves together and prepare for the upcoming playoffs. The team has the ability to finish of the season strongly and will look forward to doing so.

On the other hand, the girls Varsity basketball team is also preparing for the upcoming postseason.

“I’m really happy. We are 19-9 overall and 8-4 in conference play. I think we have overachieved. I think we’ve done better than a lot of people thought we would because of some of the pieces we lost,” explained Head Coach Dallas Till.

With the playoffs about a week away, the girls are trying their hardest to adjust and to fix their downside.

“Fundamental can always improve. Rebounding, ball handling, little things. Setting screens and stuff like that,” said Till.

On the other hand, the girls have a similar upside to the boys team.

“We shoot fairly well. Our shooting is one of our strong suits. Shooting from the perimeter and free throw shooting are pretty good,” said Till.

Unfortunately, it is going to be very bumpy in their road to the playoffs. Riverside-Brookfield High School is one of the smallest schools in their 4-A division.

“We are in the toughest section of the state. Montini’s in here, who’s not nationally ranked like Lyons Township. There are too many good teams to make a legitimate run,” explained coach Till.

Hopefully, behind senior team leaders Samantha Bloom and Lyndsey Hoyd, the team can overcome the difficult road ahead of them and make a playoff run like they have in the past. Even if the team does not come out on top, they will not dwell on it.

“The sun always comes up the next day. Let’s focus on the things we didn’t do well. As long as we’re constantly getting better and most importantly having fun,” explained Till.