Policy change has PE students wait downstairs


Mia Donnamario

Students waiting for the bell.

Mia Donnamario, Staff Reporter

As of January 9th, the RBHS students have to wait downstairs after PE classes. Instead of waiting in the concession/vending machine area, students have to wait at the bottom of the stairs. 

The school believes that students should stay away from the machines, as it is for the students safety.

“As a school and dean’s office we fully support the idea of students staying away from the vending machine/concession area after PE classes,” said dean Neil Dughetti. “The purpose of doing this is student safety.”

However some students are opposed to the idea.

“I don’t like it because even though it’s such a small distance [from downstairs to upstairs] it gets crowded and takes longer for kids to get to class,” said Jennifer Villalobos.

Sophomore Francesca Perry was used to waiting upstairs. It was a sudden change for her.

“Well I personally don’t like it because it makes me late to class and I know a lot of my friends are late to class too. The kids from second period gym are coming down the stairs while first period is trying to come up the stairs and it makes us all bump into each other,” said Perry.

On the other hand, a few kids don’t care about it.

“I don’t mind it, honestly I think other people mind it a little too much.” said Tyler Fischer.

Daniela Quiroga is another freshman who didn’t feel one way or the other about it.

“I feel pretty mutual about it, there’s nothing too great or too fabulous. Too many kids were leaving early and that’s why it probably was changed,” said Quiroga.