Student by day, employee by night


Jessica Whigam, Staff reporter

The stress of school is a lot to take on for any student, but what is it really like when you have to balance a job, school and sports? Clarion went out and asked students with full schedules what they put first and what they push off until later.

Junior Alexis Gartin has been working at Jewel Osco for about a year now. Gartin balances her social life, school work and her job. Everyday she drives her friends home and rushes to work.

“I work four to five days a week, [on the] weekdays [I work] from five o’clock to ten at night and on weekends [I have] eight hour shifts,” said Gartin.

Many students have to take a study hall to have time to do their homework. After school they head straight to work then after they have to shower and get ready for the next day.

Senior Dalila Ovalle has been working at Chipotle for about a year. She works five days a week for about five hours on weekdays and seven on weekends.

“I don’t have a study hall so I do most of my homework on the weekends. But I made sure I have Wednesdays and Fridays off to get work done also,” said Ovalle, “it’s impossible at times.”

Students also have to juggle their sport with their job and school. This can cause trouble with work schedules and missing games and practices.

Senior Adrian Castro has to juggle all three of these things during his soccer season. He tries not to miss any games or get behind on his school work.

“I would play the game instead of go to work, I would have to have someone cover for me if I had to,” said Castro.

Dalila Ovalle also struggles with this, she misses multiple practices every week because of work but always makes sure she can make it to her games.

“I do my job around the sport. I give them [the manager] my soccer schedule and they have me work around that schedule,” said Ovalle.

Not all students struggle with this, many students say that their managers understand they have school work and give them a break.

Junior Donovan Swanson has been working at Tishlers for about four months. Working three days a week for four hours each shift. His boss understands he has homework and that school is most important.