Brady and Belichick prove they are the best ever

Dylan Drews, Staff Reporter

If anyone wanted to argue that Tom Brady is not the greatest quarterback ever, their argument is now invalid. Brady led his team to not only the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, but also arguably the greatest comeback in NFL history. In Super Bowl 51, Brady had a total of 466 passing yards, two touchdowns, one interception and 15 rushing yards.

Just imagine if the Manning brothers did not exist. Brady would have two more Super Bowl wins in addition to his five.

Although Brady is given majority of the spotlight, you have to respect what Bill Belichick has done as a head coach. It seems like Belichick has some sort of superpower where he can turn anyone into a successful NFL player. For example, Tom Brady was no star coming out of college. He was not even picked until the sixth round.

Remember that David Tyree helmet catch that basically won the Giants the Super Bowl 42? Maybe New England fans can finally stop having nightmares about that after Julian Edelman’s game saving catch. Edelman’s catch really drained all the momentum and hope the Atlanta Falcons had left similar to what Tyree did to the Patriots.

I have to give it to the Atlanta Falcons though, they came to play. After all, they did put up 21 points at half-time compared to New England’s three. The playoff inexperience of the Falcons was a huge factor in the game. Before Sunday, the Falcons had only made it to the Super Bowl once compared to the Patriots’ nine. Of those nine Super Bowls, Tom Brady has been a part of seven. In addition to the inexperience, Matt Ryan has never beat the New England Patriots before.

It is interesting how the Super Bowl MVP is usually a quarterback. I am not saying Brady didn’t deserve it. What I am saying is that without the multiple defensive stops by the Patriots defense, there might have been a different outcome. We have seen that defenses have the ability to win championships. For example, last year the Denver Broncos defense absolutely frustrated the Carolina Panthers forcing three fumbles and an interception. The Broncos offense only totaled of 231 yards.

Julio Jones, arguably the best wide receiver in the league, only had four receptions. That is probably Atlanta’s biggest mistake. How can you not find a way to get the ball to the biggest game changer you have?

Julio Jones and this Atlanta Falcons team sort of reminds me of the Detroit Lions back when they still had Barry Sanders. Both teams had a great offensive balance but do not have the defense to help defend a lead. I hope Julio eventually wins a Super Bowl because it would be sad to see him end up like ringless like Calvin Johnson.