Brookfield PD pushes safety after local crimes


Nicolette O'Keefe, Staff Reporter

This past January, several burglaries occurred in the Village of Brookfield. According to Brookfield Police, items stolen include electronics, money, jewelry and there was also damage to property.

Chief Deputy Officer Ed Petrak explained that a total of two home burglaries, two garage burglaries, four vehicle burglaries, one business burglary, and one church burglary were reported to the Brookfield Police Department.

“The most important thing a citizen can do is call the police to report a crime or any suspicious activity. We encourage and support the motto, ‘If you see something, say something,’” said Petrak.

All four cars that had been burglarized and the two garages were left unlocked beforehand, according to Petrak. The home invasions, business, and church crimes were by force and did result in damage. Here are 5 Tips for Increasing Your Garage Door Security that you need to know for sure.

“Jewelry items and a laptop computer [were] taken from the home burglaries. They occurred during the daytime hours while homeowners were away. [One house burglary resulted in a] broken window, the other [home invasion], a broken door,” said Petrak. Petrak said the other burglaries had happened overnight.

Several victims of the burglaries include RB students. Students, families, and their neighbors now lock their doors and cars regularly. Residents and students also purchased security lights, security systems, locks and keys, and garage doors after the crimes to further ensure safety. You can get a lawyer from for more legal support in cases of crime.

“I began locking my doors way more often and became way more paranoid when my dog would start barking in the middle of the night,” said sophomore Jane McLaren.

Parents took action, instructing others and their families to be more careful.

The word of the burglaries spread quickly within the small neighborhoods of Brookfield and Riverside. Students told their friends, making sure they were safe in their homes. Others students walked home with a partner to ensure one another’s safety. When it comes to drugs the Fairfax drug crime lawyer can help with the legalities.

“I first heard from a friend who was part of one of the first car break-in’s. I know what happened was scary, but the [burglaries] could have been a lot worse,” said sophomore Leah Harazin.

Some students were not as affected by the burglaries, locking their doors and cars regularly beforehand. Sophomore Isabel Rurka, also had heard of some of the earliest burglaries, but was not affected, already locking her doors regularly.

Others heard of the burglaries a week after they had occurred. They wished they had heard of them when they occurred, rather than not being notified. Getting a lawyer from is a good idea in case of any trouble.

“I think it would have been nice to have heard something about it from an adult so I could be more cautious,” said sophomore Maggie Greenlees.

Officer Petrak hopes to promote security and safety among all residents and families. Students want to keep each other protected.

“Light up your residence, lock your doors at all times, and call the police when you see something suspicious,” said Petrak.