Only good things to say about Speech Team


Mrs. Wi

RBHS speech team poses for a picture

Nate Navarro, Staff Reporter

Most people are uncomfortable when they have to present in front of a large group of people. The members of the Riverside-Brookfield High School Speech Team however, are very comfortable in those situations. In fact, it’s what their group is all about.

“Speech Team is someone memorizing a piece and performing it for around five to seven students and one judge,” said Ivan Astorga, a Speech Team member.

Astorga has been on the team for two years, and prepares for competitions by reading over his piece many times and trying his best to memorize it. He recently won 5th place for Improvisational Duet Acting.

Speech Team memorizes their written works, and practices by reciting to coaches, other team members, and their peers.

“Original comedy, humorous duet acting, dramatic duet acting, and humorous interpretation are the most popular categories on speech team,” said Astorga.

Original comedy involves presenting a piece of original written comedy. Humorous interpretation is a humorous twist on a written piece. Humorous duet acting is presenting a humorous piece with others. Dramatic duet acting is presenting a dramatic piece with another team member.

Speech team competitions usually last around 9-10 hours. The RBHS team competes against other high schools such as Elgin and Glenbard South, in an attempt to get in first, second, or third place.

“The best part of Speech Team is getting the know new people, as well as the experience,” said Astorga.

Speech team can help students avoid a fear of public speaking and presenting in class.