RB Blood Drive: donate a pint, save three lives


Nicolette O'Keefe, Staff Reporter

During school on Wednesday, March 1, Student Association hosted a school wide blood drive that took place here at RB. Student and faculty volunteered to donate one pint of blood to LifeSource, a local Chicago organization that collects blood donations and outsources them among local hospitals and places that need blood.

A total of 78 pints of blood were donated by RB during this drive, meaning RB helped save 234 lives. The total number of pints donated by RB this school year, including last November’s donation, is 187 pints of blood.

“One pint of blood can help save 3 lives! We are hopeful that some students will make this a lifelong habit,” said Student Association sponsor, Angela Ziola.

Over 100 students and administrative staff participated in this drive. Donors were glad they could help in such simple yet important ways and were supportive of the fact their own school organized and hosted such a drive.

“It’s a nice idea, a nice thing to do. You get to help people. I think it’s pretty cool,” said Student Association President, Frankie Filec. “I’ve donated blood since sophomore year, so this is my third or fourth time donating.”

Students below the age of sixteen and weighed under 110lbs were unable to donate blood. Under and upperclassmen that did not qualify for donation still helped promote the blood drive. Underclassmen in Student Association helped organize the blood drive during their study hall and/or PE class with check-in and keeping track of students participating.

“I am signing people in and out of the blood drive,” said Student Association freshman member, Kathe Pribyl Pierdinock. “I think it’s a good thing to help with because it can save people’s lives. It’s not that hard either.”

Some members of the administration also donated to this year’s blood drive. A few teachers habitually donate to RB’s blood drives year after year.

“I hate needles, but I hate seeing people die more,” said Health and Honors Sports Medicine teacher, William Frey.

Not only is donating blood helping others, it is also healthy for the donor.

“It is heart healthy for the body to donate a pint and have the body regenerate a new pint of blood within 24 hours,” said Ziola.

First time donors had their full experience of a blood drive. Despite the light headed and drowsy feeling afterward, students were glad they could help and were inspired to continue helping others through RB’s blood drives.

“I felt like I was going to pass out for a brief seven minutes while they were drawing blood. Overall, I’m happy I had a chance to donate blood and do my part for the benefit of others,” said first time donor sophomore, Leah Harazin.