New speakers for the RB weight room

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New speakers for the RB weight room

Jacob Spinello, Staff Reporter

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The athletic department is planning to install a new surround sound system to replace the old system that broke in November of last year. Not all hope is lost for sports and students that lift before or after school. Adding a surround sound system to the weight room will not be cheap. Luckily, funding is a team effort.

“[Funding] isn’t coming from one source. Sport teams gave donations, the athletic department, and the boosters club are all organizations that are assisting in the cost,” said Brendan Curtin, head varsity football coach.

Students will tell you that the weight room does not have the same environment without music.

“The music helps me get amped and prepares me for my lift. Without it I don’t get hyped and lifting is hard,” said junior Pablo Hernandez.

Seniors are still on the edge of their seat wondering if they will be able to see the new system before they graduate.

“I think it’s a really great idea! I haven’t seen the weight room change much but I am all for this addition,” said Senior Eric Hartman.

There is no date set for when it will be finished. Future Tech Systems, the company installing the system, will be doing a walk through the second week of March.

Curtin has big ideas for the future of the weight room. Television sets are the next step that he envisions which adds a whole new depth for coaches to assist athletes. It allows coaches to show film or show the students proper lifting techniques with ease in between reps.

“We are looking to modernize the weight room,” says Curtain and to students there is no doubt that new stereos and Television sets  will do that.

“I’m excited. I think TV’s in the weight room would be beneficial because we could put inspirational videos on them and improve our lifts,” said junior Jimmy Mizura.


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  1. Matt on May 26th, 2017 1:33 pm

    Wow! My Senior year 1977 the weight room was a 4 station Universal and some weights with a peg board on the wall to strengthen grips. The rest of the room was used for Handball.

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New speakers for the RB weight room