Behind the Scenes to the Day of Service

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It is that time of year again! Riverside-Brookfield High School’s Day of Service is on April 29 and is the premiere school wide community service project of the year. Last year nearly 300 RB students and 40 staff members participated in the event. Tasks for the students include cleaning and restoring surrounding forest preserves.

RB’s Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) plays a huge part for this substantial event and planning for the event takes a great effort.

“The Day of Service budget was set in June 2016 with the approval of the 2016-2017 PTO budget and the actual planning began in January, 2017,” said Mary Ellen Meindl, PTO President.

The budget for the Day of Service reserves $2,000 from the PTO budget each year for the Day of Service and receives monetary donations from organizations such as Frederick Law Olmsted Society and the Brookfield Chamber of Commerce.

“We anticipate over $4000 in monetary and good donations. Also, this year we might be participating in the Kohl’s Care program. With this program, Kohl’s supplies company volunteers to work at our community service project in return for a monetary donation,” said Meindl.

In order to organize 300 plus students, the PTO groups students into groups that work on different community projects. Many tools for the project are provided by the RB Building Maintenance Department and each of the Villages. Over 20 projects are designed in part by the surrounding villages and organizations.

“This year, we reached out to the Village of Brookfield, Riverside, North Riverside, the Salt Creek Watershed Network, Fredrick Law Olmsted Society, Cook County Forest Preserve and the Brookfield Beautification Preservation to confirm interest and create project lists,” said Meindl.

The PTO also has students participate with the Student Leadership Team.

“This group of students helps with planning the event, internal promotion running the t-shirt design contest and helping with student registration,” said Meindl.

Students are motivated to take part in the Day of Service by having a competitive scavenger hunt and a contest to where project groups are challenged to collect the most bags of trash in order to win. Some students have other reasons to participate.

“The purpose is for students to have a chance to help make an impact on their community in a positive way. It also is to help individuals have a sense of accomplishment and a sense of pride in their work while helping other people,” said Patty Young, a math teacher at RB who is involved in the Day of Service.

Helping out the community speaks a lot of the strong character embodied in the students of RB. One of the Six Pillars of Character Counts is citizenship. Students can gain three to four community service hours through the Day of Service. Many students take pride in serving the community.

“I participate in the day of service because it’s nice to give back to the community,” says sophomore Itzel Mancilla. “Community service is important because some people don’t take care of it so we need to help out and take care of it.”

The Day of Service was originally ran by teachers and administration, but eventually the task was handed over to the PTO.

“The Day of Service was originated when the community passed the referendum to complete the capital improvement projects at RB,” said Meindl. “Day of Service was RB’s way of saying thank you to the community.”

The Day of Service is an RB tradition where “effort” seems to be its adjective. Whether it would be the hundreds of students serving their community, or the many parents, staff and community members who organize the project, the Day of Service needs the time and passion of community members in order to proceed.

“This year I hope to see everyone participate and take it seriously, but have fun while doing it,” said Mancilla.

About the Writers
Carlee Battistoni, Staff Reporter
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By day, Carlee Battistoni is an RBHS Sophomore. By night, she drives home in her matte black Range Rover to North Carolina and Tree Hill in order to be with her husband, Nathan Scott. Most of her free time she is either watching Nathan play basketball for the Tree Hill Ravens, binge-watching Harry Potter, or at cheer practice. In reality, Carlee’s day consists of going to school, eating, going to cheer, doing homework and sleeping. From 8:00 am to 3:05 pm, Carlee is just an average student trying to get by. Carlee is a staff reporter and you can reach her at [email protected].

Jillian Dahms, Staff Reporter
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Jillian Dahms, owner of four Range Rovers and two mansions. While Jillian is at her mansion in California she is either driving her Range Rover along the coasts of the beaches or shopping down Rodeo Drive. If she’s not in California, Jillian is in North Carolina attending school at Tree Hill High School. While there, she cheers for the Tree Hill Ravens alongside Brooke Davis and Peyton Sawyer. If she’s not cheering, Jillian is at the River Court with Nathan and Lucas Scott. In reality, Jillian is a sophomore at RBHS and cheers for the Bulldogs. She is also a Staff Reporter and if you are interested in contacting Jillian, you can reach her at [email protected].

Alexis Gurschke, Staff Reporter
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The last four years have been extremely busy for Alexis. From being an Olympic gold medalist to designing the iPhone 7, she barely had any time to do what she really loved. Alexis trained long and hard for the 2016 Rio Olympics, which really paid off when she won 4 gold medals and had a floor routine named after her. Besides that, she put many hours into making the iPhone 7 better than ever. She decided not to put a headphone jack just to make buyers mad, but the camera makes pictures clearer, and there are two new finishes. Alexis finally decided to drop her gymnastic and design career to be a member of Clarion. She is a sophomore at RB, and this is her first year in Clarion. Feel free to contact her at [email protected].

Lexi Soto, Staff Reporter
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Lexi Soto loves to skydive, fight off ninjas, and she enjoys taxidermy. In her spare time she volunteers at Seattle Grace Hospital, with her friends McDreamy and McSteamy. Her part-time volunteer work revolves around doing charts, working in the pit, and assisting Dr. Preston Burke in surgeries. LOL, jk! In reality, Lexi is a student and cheerleader at RBHS and is excited to be on the Clarion staff. She loves to eat chicken nuggets, string cheese, and drink juice pouches. Her goals this year are to help others and make an impression on RBHS that will last a lifetime. Lexi can be reached at [email protected].



Anthony Landahl, Story Editor
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The RZA once said, “Knowledge is knowing. Wisdom is doing,” and this year Anthony is in his first year of Clarion. Anthony was a corn-hole enthusiast, Seattle fish merchant, and an esteemed mother of three. But as a saucy man, he decided to start writing so he could get rich and buy his mom a home so she could finally have a big kitchen and won’t have to live in a van down by the river. And yes, he is voting for Kanye West in 2020.

Anthony is a senior at Riverside Brookfield High School.

Anthony’s email is [email protected].

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Behind the Scenes to the Day of Service