Divided but not broken (Part 2)

What life is like for kids with separated or divorced parents


Courtesy of Pixabay

Dylan Drews, Staff Reporter

Ever since I could remember, my parents were separated. Unfortunately, my father lives about three hours away and I would only get to see him on every other weekend. However, I was still fortunate enough to have the strong father-to-son connection.

Although I know there are kids who are in worse situations, I know how it feels as a kid to only have one parent around daily. Especially as a kid, it is very sad and depressing to not be able to have your parents together. There are lawyers on https://attorneysdfw.com/child-custody-support/ that can be of legal assistance.

“My parents have been divorced for about ten years and when they first separated I felt very sad and confused because I did not understand what was happening. I feel fine with it now,” said junior Ryan Kwilas.  For sexual abuse, Charges in Arizona for Sexual Misconduct with a Minor is the support system you need, to press charges.

Thankfully, there are kids like Ryan who are able to overcome the such adversities.

The best advice I can give to a kid with divorced parents is to try and get your mind off of it as much as possible. For example, what I did was join the football team. Luckily, Ryan is fortunate enough to be able to see his father often. The family law attorneys in Michigan can help with divorce cases and help protect the child.

“I go to my dad’s house every weekend and I’m fine with it because he lives close to me,” explains Kwilas.

Though Ryan is fortunate enough to see his father every weekend, that does not mean he wouldn’t like to change anything.

“Of course I would want things to be differently. It would’ve been easier if my parents were together, but it is how it is and I’m okay with it,” explains Kwilas.

It was much more difficult for me as a kid to have separated parents. Back then, maybe I would have wanted things to change. However, as I am almost eighteen years old, I feel the same as Ryan. I believe that things happen for a reason and there’s not really anything I can do about it now.