Chromebooks in classroom


Photo by Jillian Dahms

Two students using their personal chromebook in class.

Jillian Dahms, Staff Reporter

Technology is seeing an increase in demand for education. Schools are investing in personal devices for students to use both at school and at home.

Riverside-Brookfield High School recently introduced chromebooks into the classroom. The graduating class of 2019 is the first class to receive their own personal chromebooks.

“I think they are beneficial because a lot of teachers use them for assignments in the classroom as well as assignments outside of school. Chromebooks help me with a lot of my work,” said sophomore Joseph Shelven.

The class of 2020 also received personal chromebooks. Which means, half of the classes at Riverside-Brookfield have personal technology for inside and outside of the classroom.

“I think they have helped me learn more because it is easier to have everything all in one place and not on different papers that you can potentially lose,” said freshman Kara Hernandez.

Students believe chromebooks have transformed their learning experiences. Do teachers think the same?

“Chromebooks give the opportunity to enhance a student’s educational experience. There is a model we try to follow called the ‘four c’s’. This means technology gives students a better opportunity to create, collaborate, communicate, and to critically think,” said English teacher Bridget Wilmot.

Both teachers and students are finding interesting ways to incorporate technology into the classroom.

“I have seen teachers take more risks now that they chromebooks. Teachers try out new applications and activities, experimenting with innovative ways to approach the curriculum,” said Kylie Gregor, Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction.

This increase in technology poses both benefits and challenges. The benefits of technology are an endless list. The cons, however, are kept to a minimum.

“Having technology in the classroom is a really great way to help prepare students for college and future careers,” said Wilmot.

“The con is that students have to be responsible for what they do on their chromebook and for making sure it does not distract them from the times they should be interacting face to face with their peers or teachers,” said Gregor.

With technology, comes responsibility. Students must learn how to use their time appropriately while using chromebooks in the classroom.

“One of the cons could be a distraction depending on the assignment the students are doing, but I think we have really great teachers here that monitor that and try to make having the chromebooks more positive,” said Wilmot.

Technology is here to stay and constantly improving. Chromebooks in the classroom have been a great way to enhance education for students at Riverside-Brookfield High School.