Too hot to be appropriate?

A student wearing a short skirt, violating school dress code.

Modear Bumrungkwaen

A student wearing a short skirt, violating school dress code.

Modear Bumrungkwaen, Staff Reporter

One of the hardest things to do is wear appropriate clothing to school during summer. Recently, I noticed many complaints about the school dress code from friends and classmates. I know several students who got dress coded or have been told by several teachers that their clothing isn’t appropriate for school.

What is considered inappropriate?  [Short shorts, crop tops,  sleeveless tank tops less than two inches, unsafe, deemed vulgar, drugs advertising, hats…etc]

What is considered appropriate? [Sleeves, opaque material, two inches tank top…etc]

“Summer is always a tricky time for dress code because, as the weather gets warmer, many students try to push the boundaries of the dress code,” said Kylie Gregor, RB assistant principal.

Lately, I have seen a lot of girls wearing crop tops, spaghetti tank tops, or  ‘too short’ dresses due to the weather. As the weather gets warmer, many girls like to express their personality through fashion.  The only problem is that some fashions are considered inappropriate.

“While it doesn’t always seem like it to students, rules are not put in place to punish students or make their lives more difficult, they are intended to support the wellbeing, safety, and productivity of all students.  Dress code rules are always one of those sticky issues because students feel very strongly that they should be able to wear whatever they want, whenever they want,” said Gregor.

Should a fashion be considered inappropriate? Some students strongly feel that they should be able to have the freedom to fully express themselves with their clothing.

“It angers me only because if I were to wear a strapless dress with a cardigan, my teacher would tell to to leave and change my clothing because I’m disrupting the boy’s learning so then the school faculty it is saying that my education is valued less than a boy’s because I’m the one who has to leave class and get change,” said freshman Kaitlyn Hilt.

However, other students think there should be a limited dress code.

“It depends really on how hot and how much is showing,” said freshman Julia Maywood. “Though I disagree with school dress codes, there are limits and we are still in high school.”

For me, it’s a great thing to do, to express your personal fashion to others. Whether it is T- shirts of your favorite band, a dress or a top. In my opinion, students should be able to wear whatever they want if they are comfortable with it.

“Some kids have to walk over a mile everyday to and from school and I don’t want to have wear a jacket over my crop top in 80 degree weather because of the dress code,” said Hilt

However, I can see why some people feel like there need to be a limit to dress code. Imagine a girl walking to school with a really short crop top. Although you don’t care, you would probably glance at her for a few seconds. That’s where the word ‘distraction’ comes from.

Dress code are not supposed to be a punishment. RB tries their best to provide a safe, productive and a comfortable environment for all students, not to call out someone or makes their lives more difficult.

“School is not a place for the same clothes you would wear to the beach — you have to consider the setting, and the dress code is designed to reflect the setting and the standards and seriousness within that setting.  School is not a club, it is not the beach, it is a place where students come to learn, focus, plan for their future, and work to create their best selves,” said Gregor.