Homecoming Spirit Week recap


Students Francesca Perry and Delaney O’brien show school spirit on jersey day.

Bridget Maher, Staff Reporter

This past week, RBHS had its annual Spirit Week. Spirit Week gives students the opportunity to dress up in wacky outfits and participate in a whole bunch of activities, including Homecoming at the end of the week.  

The school held the penny pinch during lunch to fundraise for victims of Hurricane Harvey. Students donated their spare change to the Student Association to gain points for their grade. Pennies and dollars would raise your points and any silver coin would lower it. 

“Spirit Weeks are so much fun because you get to see everyone dress up; people get real creative with their costumes and outfits,” said junior Isabel Rurka.

On Monday, we kicked off our 2017 Spirit Week with the one and only, Pajama day. Students were given the opportunity to just roll out of bed and come to school. Students showed up wearing comfortable t-shirts and sweatpants, shorts, etc.  People came wearing one piece pajama sets that mimicked characters like Batman, Spiderman, and Winnie the Pooh.  

“Pajama day was awesome because some of my friends wore full body onesies, ranging from dinosaurs to unicorns. I loved this year’s students for spirit week because it seemed like more people were involved and really took pride in their school. The pride this year was amazing. So many people participated in each day,” said junior Nicolette O’keefe

RBHS had their own day at the beach with Tropical Tuesday. People channeled their inner ‘vacation dad’ vibes by wearing straw hats, sunglasses (beneath which were stuck fast Pure Optical contacts), floral dress shirts, leis, khakis, flip flops, and even shark suits! To finish the day, the community was invited to attend the RBHS Varsity Boys soccer game.

Wild Wednesday! Students attended school wearing animal prints, bucket hats and camouflage. They also got creative by bringing props like butterfly nets, and dressing like hunters. After school, students showed up with blankets, pillows, snacks, all to spend their Wednesday night watching The Lion King on the front lawn of the school.  Staff had set up a screen and projector to show the film while selling popcorn.

“It was super fun! People were singing along and laughing and just enjoying our time. It was a good way to spend a nice night,” said junior Delaney O’brien.

On Thursday, we showed off all different kinds of jerseys. There were a variety of professional teams represented, as well as club sports, and RBHS sports. There was representation ranging from the Chicago Cubs, to the Los Angeles Dodgers, to the Green Bay Packers, to the Seattle Mariners. Students were able to show off their diversity in interests and affinity towards teams.

The week ended with crazy blue and white day followed by a pep rally and the Homecoming football game.  Students preached their school spirit by wearing shades of royal blue, black, and white. There was an altered schedule, so that students were able to attend the annual pep rally.

The pep rally started at 2:28 pm and concluded at the end of the school day. Students gathered in the main gym to put together all their school spirit. Grade levels competed in challenges like the marshmallow toss, and an obstacle course.  The Homecoming court announced its 2017 king, senior Matt Dwyer and queen, senior Coretta Dishmon.

Overall the students loved dressing up and being able to show off their school spirit. Riverside Brookfield High Schools 2017 spirit week was a great success.