Riverside Brookfield football team wins Homecoming game

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Riverside Brookfield football team wins Homecoming game

Jacob Rogoz, Staff Reporter

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The RB Varsity football team won the Homecoming game against Wheaton Academy on last Friday, September 22. Wheaton put up a fight in the first quarter, but RB reacted well to how they played.

Wheaton scored first with a touchdown, giving them in a 6-0 lead early in the first quarter. By halftime, RB was put their first points on the board by scoring a touchdown and tying the game 6-6.

“Going into the locker room at a halftime 6 to 6 was not a position we expected to be in, but they responded well so I’m proud of them,” said Varsity Head Coach Brendan Curtin.

Third quarter started up with Wheaton gaining yards quickly and they scored a field goal giving them another lead of 9-6 in the first few minutes. RBHS took control of the game from there on out.

“I thought our defense did a great job with the takeaways that we had tonight. Overall, it was a great team effort,” said Curtin.

RB’s defense made sure that Wheaton no longer scored. With 3 minutes and 5 seconds left on the clock during the third quarter, RB was able to score another touchdown putting them up by 4 points. The quarter ended with a score of 13-9.

Wheaton did not score again and RB scored one last touchdown giving them the final score of 20-9. Last year, RB won the Homecoming game against Wheaton and they were also successful this year.

“It kind of falls on our whole preparation throughout the course of the week and I felt confident that we were prepared well to play our best football,” said Curtin.

RB put up a fight and the reward of that hard work was a victory on our Homecoming weekend.

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Riverside Brookfield football team wins Homecoming game