New leadership opportunities arrive at RBHS


Szymon Stoklosa, Staff Reporter

On October 3, 2017, a brand new leadership opportunity will come to 400 RBHS students. The Bulldog Solution Program is intended to curb bullying and display similarities between students. The program is spearheaded by Assistant Principal Kylie Lindquist, Assistant Principal David Mannon, and Principal Kristin Smetana. Every member of administration will participate in some form.

“We’ll have 400 students and 15 staff members participating in the program. The 15 staff members are mostly there to facilitate discussion but to also learn more about anti bullying,” Lindquist said.

During the program, the students will meet in the field house where a variety of discussions and exercises will take place. The students will also split into small groups and reform into larger ones for certain discussions.

“We’ll be doing the cross the line activity where we line everyone up and say a form of bullying and when someone has experienced that they will cross the line,” Lindquist said.

The hope is when it’s shown that everyone no matter any differences has experienced some form of bullying that people will see themselves in others. Because of the program, those individuals may start to think before they speak, or stand up for others.