A Holiday in the Music Department


Ariana Porras

Baum discovering the senior prank

Shalah Russell, Staff Reporter

These past two weeks the Riverside Brookfield High School’s music department was quite eventful as they celebrated Cheesecake Day on Tuesday, September 26, 2017 and the senior Homecoming band prank on Thursday September 21.

The seniors who orchestrated the band prank stayed after school on Thursday to put their plan in effect.

James Baum, the school’s band director, had no clue about the incoming prank and stated that there hasn’t been a senior band prank for Homecoming since he’s been working at RBHS. He explained why he thought the students decided to do it this year.

“The band prank isn’t a normal year-to-year thing. I think this year we just have a good spirited group of seniors; they’re very happy to be in band. They were celebrating their happiness for band and Homecoming by decorating their home; The band room is like their second home,” said Baum.

Baum also stated what the terms of the prank were and why the seniors picked this specific one to do.

“They did a couple of things: They changed the physical layout of the [band] room. They rotated how the desks were by ninety degrees, which was actually how we had it their freshman year. They were sort of being a little nostalgic. They certainly didn’t mean any harm. It was a really good humored prank,” said Baum.

Baum said that other than a good laugh, the students’ prank had other positives.

“They expected me to change it back, but I actually like the change. I still have it as they moved it. Also in doing so, they cleaned up the room and put away instruments,” said Baum.

Apparently Baum has participated in activities such as this prank when he when he was a high school student as well.

“It’s something that I did to my band director when I was here and it’s sort of like a nice suprise party when walking in on it,” said Baum.

Although Baum had no idea what the seniors were planning, he said there was a weird thought that crossed his mind the day before which he later found out connected with the prank.

“The night before, in a dream, I was here teaching and the setup was changed to the way it is right now I was like ‘It’s been awhile since we’ve done that, I should change that.’ Then I came in and it was changed. So it was a little bit of a deja vu feeling for me,” said Baum.

Along with the senior band prank, RB’s very own Cheesecake Day occurred a week later.

The choir director, Aubrey Prince, was able to explain what this day actually is and why the music department indulges in it.

“Cheesecake Day is the official kick-off to our cheesecake fundraiser sale that we do for music sponsors. It has evolved into Cheesecake Day because when the music sponsors come in and explain the fundraiser, students get to taste a piece of cheesecake,” said Prince.

Prince admits that this ‘holiday’ is something that everyone in the music department looks forward to.

“They [the students] lose their minds. They’re always so excited for this. But the cheesecakes are delicious, so I guess I was very excited too. I think we get a little spoiled. I had three pieces of cheesecake Tuesday,” said Prince.

Prince recommends the pumpkin cheesecake and Baum has many favorites and suggests strawberry, mint-chocolate chip, and cookies and cream.

The ultimate goal of this fundraiser is to give students in the music department the opportunity to raise money for their big trip to New York over Spring Break.

“Not a lot of people sell cheesecake. It’s sort of a unique and tasty fundraiser and most people like cheesecake,” said Baum.