Girls golf team members advance to Sectionals


Courtesy of Rouser

Fiona Bushe and Keanna Keen during a match

Audrey Pekny, Staff Reporter

Junior Isabel Hughes, sophomore Grace Larson, and freshmen Keanna Keen have all advanced to season Sectionals.

On September 22, the Girls Golf team played their final match of the season. They end with a record of six wins and four losses. They still have their Conference and Regionals left. They have accomplished a lot of things as individuals as well as a team. This was freshmen Eva Funaki’s first year on the team, but it won’t be the last.

“I joined the team because I have played golf since I was a little kid and my dad told me I should try out. I am really glad I did because I love the girls and my coach,” said Funaki.

Funaki says that she plans to continue playing with the team for all four years of her high school career. She is not the only one who felt very proud of their season.

“On Friday we shot our lowest score as a team of 205,” said senior Fiona Bushe.

The girls current goal is to finish third or fourth in conference, and hope to send a couple girls off to Sectionals.

“I am very fortunate to have a great group of girls,” said Mark Gouwens, the girls’ coach for the past six years. “Our biggest accomplishment of the season is that every girl improved. A lot of other schools have girls that have played golf for years, but we teach golf. The fact that our girls went from shooting in the mid 60’s to the high 40’s is huge.”

Gouwens has been coaching golf for six years after coaching volleyball and Speech Team. Gouwens says he enjoys golf because it is so different from other sports he has coached.

“Once you are on that grass, it’s all psychological, not physical. We had a great season, and I can’t wait to continue coaching golf,” said Gouwens.

The girls are going into Conference and Sectionals with a record of 6-4, which takes them above and beyond their goal for the season.