Lunchroom Reversals: Important changes to the Bulldog Café


Taylor Kosiak

Students purchasing lunch during 4C at the Bulldog Cafe.

Taylor Kosiak, Staff Reporter

Over the summer, many changes were applied to the RB cafeteria. These changes included more options for students. However, many students feel that these changes have brought about a major lack of efficiency and speed.

“I like this year’s cafeteria better because they organized their lines but the lines are really long and slow,” said sophomore Modear Bumrungkwaen.

Last year, there was a salad available one day every two weeks. This year, there is a daily salad bar open just outside the staff cafeteria. This is a healthier option to many of the other choices. However, the salad bar is both inefficient and expensive. At $5.25, the salads, for some, are unreasonably priced and difficult to afford.

“If you are gonna charge me $5.25, at least include a drink,” said sophomore Elizabeth Marquez.

There are now many ice cream options that were not available before. They have several different varieties and flavors. They have pints of ice cream in multiple flavors. They also offer both large and small ice cream sandwiches.

“I love the ice cream. It is all pretty good,” said sophomore Emma Christensen.

The placement and process of the lunchroom have also changed drastically since last year. The placement of the pizza is now on the island in the center of the cafe. The cookies and chips have both moved into the new snack bar. The snack bar is also offering nachos and smoothies. However, many students have complaints about the length of the lines due to the numerous items sold at the snack bar.

“It is really cool that they have all these new snacks but it takes forever to get anything. By the time I get my food I have no time to eat,” said Christensen.

Many of the prices have changed as well. The cost of pizza without a fountain drink now costs 25 cents more than last year. The cost of soup was raised from $1 for a small, $1.50 for a large to $1.50 for a small and $2 for a large. The drinks, of course, raised dramatically due to the new Cook County soda tax. The meals have all gone up by at least 40 cents. Students are not very welcoming toward the price increases.

“Most of the items there are insanely pricey,” said freshman Maggie Sroka.