Cap and gown changes for 2018


Sam Reich, Staff Reporter

For the graduating class of 2018, cap and gown colours have changed from blue and white to all Bulldog blue. These changes came after discussions of cost-proficiency, aesthetics, and easing concern of having enough extras.

The original cap and gown colours were gender-coded, with girls wearing white, and boys wearing blue. This did bring some concern from students, as the gender-coding meant that transgender or gender-nonconforming students would have to wear a color that did not match their gender identity. For some students, wearing the color that corresponded to their identified gender meant risking their safety and possibly outing themselves to parents and family who would not accept them.

Tammy Mollo, Administrative Assistant to the Principal, is sure this will be a permanent change. The official reasons cited were cost effectiveness and aesthetics.

“Changing the colours to one is just more cost effective. It also makes things easier because we receive extra caps and gowns of both colours in case someone needs a new one or a larger or smaller size, we don’t have to worry about having too many or too little of one color in the right size.” said Mollo.

When told about the change, seniors seemed to like it. Seniors Mara Wilson and Blythe Cotham were both in support of going monochromatic.

“I wasn’t aware of the change, but I think it’s good as long as it’s a solid color. Having your outfits be gender-coded isn’t great because it forces people to out themselves or misgender themselves, and students shouldn’t be forced to do that.” Cotham said.

Wilson, who is also in support this, would only add one thing to the caps and gowns.

“I wouldn’t change the color, but I would have everything covered in sequins. Otherwise, I think it’s a great idea because gender-coding is ridiculous and genders shouldn’t be assigned colours. It didn’t make sense to have 2 different colours because they didn’t match it so it looks nice.” said Wilson.