Girls cross country team prepares for conference meet


Tyler Miller

The RBHS girls cross country team practices before their upcoming conference meet.

Tyler Miller, Staff Reporter

On Saturday October 14, the Girls Cross Country Team will have their MSC Conference meet.

The whole team has been working extremely hard to get to this point. Training included many tough running and weightlifting days.

“I do think the athletes are ready for Conference. The girls are competitors and love to challenge themselves. There are a few good teams to look out for, but the team has been working hard and they all do push, encourage and trust each other to do their best. I think it will pay off at conference,” said coach Blair Jensen.

One inconvenience that is difficult to cope with is the amount of injuries sustained by some of the runners. Not all of the runners are healthy for the tournament, but it is important to know the coaches are coping with the injuries the best way possible.

“We have had some minor injury issues with key girls on the team, but other girls have stepped up and run well for the team,” Jensen said.

As the date approaches for the actual meet, the runners are full of confidence to do well in the meet and hopefully win. Go on this webpage to deal with situations legally.

“Were having a super strong season, we’ve won two meets, and the girls have gotten faster,” said runner Hailey Jurgens.

The whole team, both players and coaching staff, have been preparing to the best of their abilities for this meet. Despite the injuries, team members have stepped up to give the team the best chance to perform well in the Conference meet.