Pro-life speaker John Jansen comes to RB


Audrey Pekny, Staff Reporter

This year, the Bulldog for Life club will be hosting pro-life speaker, John Jansen. Jansen will be coming to Riverside Brookfield to have a discussion about the pro-life/ pro-choice debate.

“He really is great. He doesn’t care if ten people are there, or forty people are there. He still wants to have the discussion,” said Marianne Swon, the sponsor of Bulldog for Life for the past seven years.

Jansen hosts discussion throughout schools about being pro-life and what exactly pro-life and pro-choice really mean. This will be an opportunity for students to voice their opinion on the sometimes controversial topic of abortion.

Sophomore Evelyn Buck is the president of Bulldog for Life and she said the club has provided her with an open space to express her opinion.

“I didn’t ever really feel like I had a place in RB. Not a lot of people share the same opinion that I do, so the club has really given me a space to share this opinion and talk about it,” said Buck.

You do not have to be pro-life to come to the discussion. You can be pro-life, pro-choice, or undecided.

“I hope to provide all students who attend — regardless of whether they are pro-life, pro-choice, or undecided– with a greater understanding of why pro-life people believe that abortion takes the life of a genetically distinct, whole human being,” said Jansen.

There will be time at the end of the presentation to ask questions and share opinions. Administration is always open to speakers coming to talk and educate high schoolers on topics that may not be generally talked about throughout the school day, even when the topic can be touchy and controversial.

“I had to go to the board to get it approved, but there was never much conflict. The only thing they were concerned about was pro-life t shirt day. They weren’t sure if it would be appropriate, but besides that the club has always been running well,” said Swon.

The presentation will take place on October 25th and will be in the alumni lounge.

“We want a lot of people to come. The club is about education, and this is a great opportunity to provide education to a topic that isn’t widely covered,” said Swon.