Blood drive collects over 120 pints of blood

Madison Heninger, Staff Reporter

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On Wednesday, November 1, Student Association hosted a blood drive during the school day in the East Gym. Teachers, students, and staff signed up during lunch periods the week prior to donate a pint of blood. All donations went to LifeSource, an organization in Chicago that distributes blood to different hospitals in the area.

This year, 127 pints of blood were collected in the span of 6 ½ hours. The amount donated by RB can help the lives of 381 people. This is more than it has been in the past three years, meaning that more people are gradually coming out to help their community.

“Donating blood helps so many people. It can help people not only in our community but in the rest of Chicago,” said Student Association sponsor Michele Koehler.

The only requirements are that you must be 16 or older, above 110 pounds, and have at least a 52 day gap from the last time you gave blood. The majority of RB fit these requirements.

If you do not qualify for donation or do not want to donate blood, there are many other ways to help out with this event. Students volunteer to help with the snack table along with other jobs to make the process easier.

“The more people that are willing to volunteer, the better,” said Koehler.

One main reason students are hesitant to donate is fear. Even though it seems intimidating at first, the process of giving blood only takes a few minutes and a team of certified nurses were there to collect blood and ensure the safety of the donors. One pint of blood can save 3 people, which is important to remember when considering to donate.

“I decided to donate because my friends encouraged me to do it and I knew it was going to people in need,” said junior Sydney Sandrick.

RB has been hosting school wide blood drives twice a year for several years now because of the large impact giving blood can have. It’s a great opportunity for students to help others and make a change early in their careers.

“There are always blood shortages which can become a really big problem in hospitals,” said Koehler. “RB’s blood drive is a really easy way for students to give back to people and come together for a good cause.”


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Madison Heninger, Staff Reporter
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Blood drive collects over 120 pints of blood