Thanksgiving: A time for feasting

Kellie Halvey, Staff Reporter

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Thanksgiving is arguable the most looked over holiday of the year, mostly because it is so close to Christmas. Now, I am someone who gets very into the Christmas spirit and I can not wait for it to come  every year because it is by far my favorite holiday.

However, I respect that Thanksgiving comes first and should be anticipated just as much as other holidays as there are many reasons it is an amazing holiday. For instance, it warrants a five day weekend from school and some workplaces, it is a time for families to get together and embrace the love they have for eachother, it designates a time for reflection on the people and things around you to give thanks for, and of course, it is a time for lots of delicious food.

When getting together with my family on Thanksgiving day after going a long while without seeing them, I can say that I really am grateful for them and I realize how much I love and appreciate every single one of them. That is the point of Thanksgiving after all, to realize and appreciate what you are grateful for.

Another great part about Thanksgiving, that is impossible to overlook, is the feast that comes along with it. Eating so much delicious food that had so much time and effort put into it, while laughing and listening to stories around the dinner table, brings so much joy into the day.

Any holiday that provides the things above, is a holiday worth giving time and appreciating. Thanksgiving is not a holiday to be skipped over or ignored until Christmas comes, as it is its own holiday that deserves to be celebrated.

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Kellie Halvey, Staff Reporter
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Kellie Halvey is a very busy person, she has lots to do in her life inside and outside of school. Although she is very busy she still enjoys the simple things in life, like food. One of her favorite foods is potatoes. She loves how versatile they are the many different ways they can be made, such as mashed, baked, roasted, and cheesy potatoes. Along with french fries, hash browns, potato chips, potato pancakes, and au gratin potatoes. Another one of Kellie’s favorite foods is ice cream, however even more than ice cream, but in the same category, Kellie loves sherbets and sorbets. She enjoys how refreshing and cold they can be and the way the bright colors make them look so delicious. Yet another one of Kellie’s favorite foods is pancakes. She enjoys making them in the mornings and adding chocolate chips and m&m’s in them. Sometimes she will make them in fun shapes like mickey mouse pancakes or hearts. Also, Kellie loves her dog and will often make her dog a pancake with bacon treats mixed in instead of chocolate. One of Kellie’s final favorite foods is pineapple. Kellie loves how pineapple can taste so fresh and juicy when they are ready to be eaten, mixed in with other fruits, grilled with some brown sugar, or freshly eaten, Kellie is a big fan of pineapple. If you have any other ways to make potatoes or pineapple, any flavors of ice cream, sherbet, or sorbet Kellie should try, or any shapes for Kellie to make her pancakes in, feel free to contact her at [email protected]

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Thanksgiving: A time for feasting