PREVIEW: Macbeth at RB

Ariana Porras, Series Editor

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Theater productions are not an uncommon occurrence here at RBHS. But having an acting troupe come to RB to perform for the students is. A Crew of Patches, a professional theater company based in Chicago is coming to RB on November 27 and performing the Shakespearean scottish tragedy, Macbeth.

Students who will be in attendance for this show are from the theater and music departments, the Shakespeare classes, and some freshmen and sophomore English classes. They will be missing periods 1-4A to watch the show.

For a Crew of Patches to perform in a school, a minimum of 200 students need to be in attendance and need to pay a fee of $10. The performance will be taking place in the Little Theater.

“Their sales person reaches out to area schools. I expressed interest, and then we worked on finding a day,” said Hayes.

A Crew of Patches is stopping at RB due to reaching out to Kimberly Hayes, an English teacher here at RB, who is often involved in the theater department.

“I thought bringing an ensemble here would allow many more students to experience Shakespeare,” said Hayes.

A Crew of Patches is known for performing traveling shows at different schools across the Chicago-land area. The two plays to choose from this year are Romeo and Juliet or Macbeth. Due to some sophomore classes currently reaching Macbeth, it was a clear choice for Hayes.

Due to their high reviews on their Facebook page of 4.9 stars, students in attendance are in for a wonderful performance of Macbeth.

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Ariana Porras, Series Editor
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PREVIEW: Macbeth at RB