A Week with: Only Thanksgiving Foods


Keeley Scalise, Series Editor

I am a very picky eater, but I have a huge love for food. Thanksgiving happens to be my favorite holiday because I get to eat a lot. Recently, I questioned what it would be like to only eat Thanksgiving food for an entire week. So, I decided I would test it out. Here is my week with only eating Thanksgiving foods.

It started off on Thanksgiving, I walked into dinner ready to munch. I have been preparing for this holiday for 364 days. Obviously, I did not fail on day one. It was an all you can eat kind of day and trust me, I ate. I immediately felt stuffed and did not think I could go on with this challenge. It had only been one day and I could barely move.

Suddenly day two came about. Moving that morning was not an option. I finally got myself out of bed and rolled to my kitchen downstairs. By the time I woke up it was lunch, so my mom had prepared turkey sandwiches. I ate my sandwich and went on with my day. By dinner time I was starving again so my friends and I made some mac and cheese.

Leftovers suddenly became my best friend. I am not a big leftover person, but I don’t think I could remake a turkey and stuffing everyday.

The next few days are when things got hard and I had to get creative. My meals were getting very repetitive and boring. I felt like mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and turkey were out to get me. I was also beginning to feel sick.

Thankfully my mom, being the Pinterest woman she is, began looking up different ways to incorporate Thanksgiving foods into my meals. My favorite new thing to snack on were mashed potato bites. Let me tell you, they are amazing. My mouth waters while writing this.

Suddenly, days started to feel longer and I was tired all the time. I was only a few days in when this began to happen. I thought I was going to have to cut this article short.

A huge worry I had towards the beginning was gaining weight throughout this week. I made the decision to keep myself active instead of laying in bed after every meal. At the beginning of the week I was preparing for sickness and weight gain. Now I feel like this week is making me want to be healthier.

This week was a very crazy experience. I think I need a huge break from anything that even reminds me even remotely of Thanksgiving.