Security guards: behind the scenes


Olivia Rogoz, Sraff reporter

You see them patrolling the halls, walking kids to class, and monitoring the cafeteria, but do we really know a lot about the security guards at RB? They have worked here for years and know the school inside and out.

Some of the daily duties of a security guard include walking students to class, monitoring ADA, making sure the halls are safe, and keeping RB safe for the students and staff in it.

“[The daily duties] vary. They’re checking doors, locking and securing the building, making sure no one is hiding in the bathrooms, and hallway patrol,” said security guard Denise Delgado.

Security guards Mark Ruge and Claude Cima had previous experience in law enforcement before the opportunity to work at RBHS arrived.

“After I retired from my regular job I came here and I’ve been around this community for 40 years and it’s something I enjoy doing,” said Cima.

Some had unrelated jobs before they started working at RBHS.

“I was a banker for twenty three years and once I stepped away, this opportunity presented itself,” said Ruge.

In addition to watching the halls and working through the school day, a few stay after school and spend their free time coaching sports.

“[My favorite part of being at RB is] coaching. Coaching the kids has to be my favorite part. I do track and football,“ said security guard Jeffrey Quintana.

Ruge also coaches sports at RBHS, helping the upper level of the athletes.

“I’m a varsity girls basketball coach and a varsity boy’s baseball coach,” said Ruge.