Trump’s comments do not represent American values


Rahim Kouferidji, Sports Editor

I am a second generation immigrant from the Ivory Coast and Benin, both African countries. Existing as a minority in America is already hard enough, yet a few weeks ago President Donald Trump sparked even more controversy when he disrespected non-white regions like Haiti and the entire continent of Africa, referring to them in obscene ways. He then expressed his desire to have more people from predominantly white countries like Norway enter America. Obviously, he denies that he ever made these comments, but the fact that this could surface about our president should not be possible. The fact that your own president does not want people “of your kind” to enter this country is upsetting and completely unfair.

At first, I dismissed this as just another stupid thing Trump said. But after thinking about it, I am genuinely alarmed. This man is our president, and the fact that he can be accused of even saying this is absurd. The president of a country is supposed to be a symbol for its citizens, and people from other countries can judge an entire nation based on the actions of that president.

Although there is controversy as to whether or not he actually made these comments,  Trump has already showed his disdain towards immigrants by tightening immigration laws, and even attempted to get the infamous “Muslim” travel ban to go through.

Besides these seemingly racist comments and actions, President Trump has always done things in an almost childlike manner, especially compared to presidents in our past. The fact that someone as authoritative as this can get angry so easily and have Twitter wars and arguments is terrible, no matter how funny they might be.

These social media wars and his brash nature even make me fear for my own safety. For the first time in my life, I am wary of the possibility that because of our very strained relationship with North Korea, there might be an all-out nuclear war. If you told me this would be possible a year ago, I would have dismissed it and laughed in your face.

It’s so frustrating to me that someone with zero political experience can become a nation’s president, especially someone who was already wealthy and had a lot of power. It just seems greedy, and I feel it’s is probably because of his privileged upbringing.

I respect hard work and dedication, and seeing someone rise to the top so easily is saddening to me. Not only was this country built through these core values, but it was also defined through immigration and cultures blending together to create a new identity. I honestly feel as if our president is trying to neuter this in a way, and frankly, we could continue to detract from ourselves if we allow actions that isolate a certain group of people happen. America is supposed to promote freedom in all forms, and it feels as though we are reverting back to the ages in which there was no real equality in this country.

Obviously, not everyone agrees with me, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But not even those people can deny that our president’s actions are dividing our country in an extremely negative way.However, I do remain optimistic. I feel that our country can get through these tough times, and I know that it will make us all stronger in the long run. In an age in which respect is of the utmost importance, we don’t need our president showing a lack of respect to anyone.