FCCLA hoping to cook up new members


FCCLA members hone their cooking skills.

Tyler Miller, Staff Reporter

Many clubs at RB provide a fun and inviting atmosphere for students during after school hours. Whether that club is a place to work on homework or hone a specific skill, the opportunities are endless.

The Family Community Career Leaders of America, also known as the FCCLA, may just be thought of as a place to go and cook, but there is way more to it than that. Run by RB teachers Grace Lee and Bridget Wilmot, FCCLA has been a club focused on building strong leadership skills as well as helping students to be productive citizens of society.

“It’s a national organization and the purpose is to create strong leaders as well as citizens,” said Wilmot.

Cooking is just one of the many opportunities offered to a member of FCCLA. Skills can also include sewing, fashion design, and more. Members have opportunities to compete in sections and state meets.

The experience can carry over to career picking, along with job interviews. Being in the club looks good to colleges and can help you when interviewing for a job that works with speaking skills.

“I think a lot of people think it is just cooking, but the club is so much more. We have students competing in fashion designing and beyond,” said Wilmot.

A lot of students in the club think that more people should join to work on their different skill sets. For some, FCCLA is the only opportunity they have to work on their skills. Senior Kara Nedvar enjoys all of the extra opportunities it provides.

“More people should join if they are interested, because RB doesn’t offer some classes like Interior Design,” said Nedvar.

Whether it is decorating a cake, designing clothing products, or just hanging out at a club after school, the FCCLA provides a fun learning environment for all members to enjoy.