Girls’ Basketball ready to ball-up at Regionals


Tim Buckley

Freshman Brenna Loftus prepares for a pass.

Greg Boswell, Staff Reporter

With the girls’ basketball season coming to a close, the girls are getting ready to enter Regionals after a very successful season. They started out hot, winning their first 13 out of 15 games.

The team is very young this year, with only two seniors. Coach Dallas Till’s biggest objectives this season were to develop chemistry between the girls, and improve the strengths of the team.

“We lost seven seniors last year, and because we are so young and only have a couple kids coming back, you might think our record may not be that great but right now we are doing pretty well,” said Till.

The team, currently 20-7, is exceeding expectations, according to Till. Freshman Brenna Loftus also agrees that they are exceeding expectations.

“We came out with a bang. I don’t think people were expecting [it], and played with a style nobody knew was coming,” said Loftus.

Another player, Sarah Jnobaptiste, also believed that they played well this season and blew past their expectations.

“I think it went pretty well and the younger people on the team made it better and more successful,” said Jnobaptiste.

Loftus is one of the two freshmen playing at the Varsity level this year. She leads the team in points per game and has really stepped up, according to Till.

“It felt pressuring at first, but now it’s exciting to be able to play at that level,” said Loftus.

As the team gets ready for Regionals, they have not changed the way they practice everyday. Practicing six days a week, Monday through Saturday, two hours each day, the team is always preparing for the next game, practicing fundamentals and plays, and just getting better.

“We are just focusing on what is in front of us and honing in on what our coaches have been telling us, and just getting in the mindset to come out with everything we got,” said Loftus.

RB has a tough conference, with some of the best teams in the state.

“We are playing against some of the toughest teams in state. It’s going to be a very difficult task,” said Till.

The team plays February 12 and hopes to move on to Sectionals.