Looking For Ideas To Melt Hearts?

Alexis Leone, Staff Reporter


Valentine’s Day is coming and of course the couples are smiling, some may spend time just hanging out or maybe go take out that special someone out on a date or if not , go out for yourself,but were too and what to get? Whether it’s a full meal or just a treat,here are a few restaurants/places with some Valentine’s Day specials on their menus to keep in mind this year.  

Love Starbucks and thinking maybe a latte is best? Starbucks has made three Molten chocolate Lattes on their secret Valentine’s menu  for the chocolate lovers that only sells for limited time from February 7 to february 14, the drinks consist of Melted chocolate chips melted into espresso,mocha sauce,espresso infused whipped cream, and topped with an espresso mocha drizzle. This is the perfect drink for anyone who loves chocolate and spending their money on starbucks drinks.

Dunkin Donuts has also changed their menu for Valentine’s Day with seasonal drinks and doughnuts such as the Brownie batter filled doughnut topped with brownie crumble, Don’t Be Jelly and the Lovestruck sprinkled  doughnut and munchkin versions along with many more heart shaped treats. Great for people who love picking up a box of assorted  munchkins or doughnuts for yourself or friends.

Thinking a pizza instead? How about Labarra? Or Places like Giordano’s and Pizza Hut offer special Valentine’s  pizzas in the shape of hearts all you have to do is ask. It’s a cute idea if you are having a small Valentine’s Day gathering with friends,on a date, or just  want something for yourself.

Another great restaurant idea for a date could be Chili’s, Chili’s offers a dinner for two special, includes an appetizer to share and two full size entrees in the 20 or 30 dollar price range.

These are some of the few places that provide festive food choices and treats to make this  years Valentine’s Day great or if you are alone and need food to cope than a treat will certainly do.