RB names new athletic director


Hailey Paisker

Curtin shakes hands with parents during football’s Senior Night.

Tyler Miller, Staff Reporter

RB provides many sports for students to join. Whether that sport is football or tennis, the opportunities are endless. With 27 total varsity sports, there is a lot of work that is done to keep all of the sports running smoothly each season. In each sport, players and coaches work hard to make the team as successful as possible. Hours of devotion go along with practicing, going to games, and even training on the weekends from a player’s standpoint. Coaches then have the tasks of viewing film, working on strategy, and deciding rosters for games.

Much of the hard work and stress can be seen from the sidelines, coaches yelling and picking each play, followed by shaking hands after a hard played game. However, the real hard work is behind the scenes, and off the field or court; mainly at the head of the athletic department that supervises and controls all available sports at RB. Recently, head varsity football coach Brendan Curtin was called upon to be the official athletic director of RB. Along with being the supervisor, he will also have the opportunity to change and make sports better for the athletes and coaches. During the process of getting hired, Curtin expressed many good ideas to the administration, including to Principal Kristin Smetana.

“Through the interview process, Mr. Curtin expressed some new ideas that he has. Additionally, coach Curtin has had some experience in his previous job as the assistant athletic director at Nazareth, getting lacrosse up and running there, so I’m certain as we look to expand lacrosse as potentially a sport, that Curtin’s expertise will be incredibly helpful in that regard,” said Smetana.

Curtin grew up in the Hollywood section of Brookfield, attended RB, and graduated in 1990. He played college football and was the offensive coordinator at another local high school, until a head coaching football position became available at RB. He believes that football is a sport that everyone can contribute to in someway, whether they are big or small, fast or slow.

“Football is the ultimate team sport, people are able to contribute and add value to a team, the game provides opportunity to foster relationships,” said Curtin.

Since taking over the head coaching job in 2012, the varsity football team has had numerous playoff appearances, especially this past season when the team went 8-1 during the season to make the playoffs, but unfortunately lost to Lake Forest 35-10. Despite the season coming to an early end, there is plenty of future opportunity for Curtin to make a good impact on the team, along with the other sports.

Good coaching and experience made Curtin a reliable candidate for the position. Other coaches at RB also think he is ready for the job. Head sophomore football coach, Ian Robins, supports Curtin being the right candidate, and athletes also believe that he can make adjustments to better their sport.

“He’s extremely organized, very passionate about RB and RB athletics…he’s been a leader in the building, and has a clear vision for what he wants to do,” said Robins.

Part of the hope for some, especially the athletes, is that Curtin will help better the conditions in the competing areas. Sophomore Nolan Dowling, a swimmer, explained his desire of making the pool a better place to compete and practice.

“I think that if Curtin wants to fulfill the needs of all teams equally, including swimming, he needs to make sure the air quality in the pool is good enough for the swimmers to perform as best as possible. The breathability currently is very poor, and something needs to be done,” said Dowling.

Sports are a large part of the student experience here at RB, and making them interesting and welcoming to students is a big priority. Coach Curtin will be a key player in keeping the sports offered at RB running successfully, along with providing a competitive, but fun place for all athletes to participate in.