MSD students protest in wake of shooting


Jasmine Ismail, Staff Reporter

Many have already heard about the tragic event that took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. It has been plastered on several news channels since it happened, tweeted about constantly, and seen on many different Snapchat stories. It has become the talk of every town, even different countries have been discussing it. And for once, it has not been past news while Americans wait for something more drastic to occur. We have a reputation of putting serious, debatable topics aside because the subject is too ‘sensitive.’ Instead, we wait until the media finds something else to talk about, distracting us from the changes that need to happen.

For the first time, since the string of school shootings that commenced in 1999, the students, whose lives have been in danger and are tired of the constant thump of fear they feel, are demanding a change. They are not allowing America to forget. They have real issues to be discussed and resolved and they are not going to stop until they’re heard.

It has been trending all over social media. Protests have begun, including rallies, speeches, and even trending hashtags on Twitter (#ParklandStudentsSpeak, #NeverAgain). Several outraged students have spoken out about school safety and gun control. They have been organizing walkouts in memorial to the students who have lost their lives and protests demanding action. Even a few courageous students have become popular leaders including Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg. Gonzales gave a powerful speech at a rally that had the crowd roaring. “Every single person who is up here today should be at home grieving,” Gonzalez said, “but instead we are up here, standing together because if all our government and president can do is send thoughts and prayers, then it’s time for victims to be the change that we need to see.” They’ve even gained the attention of several politicians, including President Donald Trump who hosted a meeting with several Parkland families at the White House.

There has been controversy on the subject of students coming out and voicing their opinions. People have been agreeing with the students, stating that these kids are our future and have the power to change the world. But many adults have come forward and said they will never take advice from high school students, claiming that they are 100% in the learning stage of life and should not be teaching. The students have not let these comments slow them down, instead, they pointed out that they will soon be old enough to vote out these politicians. They know that soon they will have a say. Although they are just kids, they understand and they will not be silenced.

These students have had to endure something that some of us can only wish never happens to ourselves, our kids, our families. To expect them to be quiet about the recent events that occurred is unacceptable. When they come out on television and at rallies and put their hearts on the line, we as a nation are expected to listen and to respect them. Donald Trump’s prayers won’t stop the next shooting that will happen if something isn’t done. At this moment, these students have more experience in the matter than most politicians.

Students are still going strong in their fight against gun control. They know it will not be done overnight but they are dedicated, persistent and determined to see a change in the long run. They may not be able to change the Constitution yet, but they are exercising their rights to protest and sticking with their values. Students can and should be able to change the world. That is the purpose of the education they are supposed to be receiving in schools that are currently being put in danger. This is a developing new world, so if we will not listen to the children who will soon be the future, who will we listen to?