Is artificial intelligence beneficial to humanity?


Julian Zamora , Staff Reporter

When you hear that term “artificial intelligence,” your mind might be going through different scenarios on how the world might be. But your mind might be going far into the science fiction side when movies like The Terminator, Matrix, and Alita: Battle Angel depict A.I. as superior, impenetrable beings. However, our technology is not necessarily there yet, but we are developing it more into intelligent objects.      

This invasive technology has grown to have Siri and Alexa flourish, and have synthetic bots that mobilize with full audible and behavioral actions. A.I. has had a massive impact on mostly everyone’s lives. Companies including Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Tesla, etc. have been implementing new ways to improve their technology for further progression: Emoji face recognition, interactive voices, and humanoid robots. This one student speaks her mind on A.I.

“I say it’s pretty cool,” said Freshman Zaina Mariam Ali.

According to Ali, A.I. is really phenomenal that it advanced to this stage. She really enjoys that technology helped through the years, and also has her thoughts on how it’s useful for humanity.

“I say it’s positive… because it boosts the economy and has a technically advanced output for the future from what I’ve experienced,” said Ali.

Despite her optimism on A.I. and technology, she does have her concerns.

“A.I. is not to worry about, it’s the humans who work to make it,” said Ali.

She feels that we the humans are the leading cause of depravity that we inject in technology. She doesn’t see A.I. as being the enemies, she finds some humans being the enemies that use that for negative intentions. From her own view and experience, she strongly stands by on how humans in the past kill each other or harm each other in devastating ways because they want power or full sanctimonious value. Other students also have their thoughts with the pros and cons of A.I.

“I think it’s a good idea if we are careful about it and [if it] progresses in a good way,” said Freshman Gabriella Angshed.

Angshed feels that A.I. is fantastic in that today, people are capable of accessing such amazing technology, but she still has a little bit of trepidation for what the future will be like.  

“I think it can be positive if we use it in a good way, but can [restrict] us from things,” said Angshed.

Her perspective is that positivity comes from benevolent people, but abusing that power could cause havoc. Angshed also stated that restrictions could hinder us if we use our technology for bad instead of good things.  

“I don’t really find this as a massive effect in school besides my Chromebook and phone I use, but maybe it will affect schools in the future,” said Angshed.

From Angshed’s perspective, she does not feel that A.I. will be a huge influence in schools, but she feels schools would incorporate more technology later on than just laptops, ipads, or cameras.      

“I feel like we should not be scared of A.I. because of how they look or how they talk or move,” said Freshman Hanora Roche.

Roche firmly believes that A.I. should not be feared just because of their aesthetic and how they adapt to being an A.I. Roche is not afraid about A.I. taking over the world, but she has the suspicion of how they’re created and who is creating them.    

“No, I feel like that they can’t exceed our intelligence,” said Roche.  

Unlike the other two responses, Roche believes that A.I. is not a threat and will not be capable to outwit humans.

“I think we have a long way for technology to exceed and to interpret things better and have more high-tech items,” said Roche.