RB track teams successful despite rough weather

Archer Teran in the middle of a pole vault jump.

Archer Teran in the middle of a pole vault jump.

Tim Buckley

Tim Buckley

Archer Teran in the middle of a pole vault jump.

DJ Degand, Staff Reporter

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The boys’ and girls’ track teams have had a more than interesting start to the season. While both teams have had plenty of canceled meets, they have still shown out in those that weren’t canceled.

For the boys’ track team, they have already had a few canceled meets due to the rainy or snowy weather this spring. Although the weather this season has been disappointing, senior Ryan Hahn has his eyes set on the ultimate goal: the conference championship.

“As a team one of our goals is to always win conference and I think we should be able to make it six championships in a row,” said Hahn.

Boys’ head coach Tim Olson also has the same goal, as it seems their biggest goal is to win everything they can.

“Year to year we pretty much have the same goals,” said Olson. “We’ve won five conference [championships] in a row so we’re hoping to compete to win a sixth [championship] this year.”

For the girls’ team, they have also had some bad luck when it comes to the weather, but the team doesn’t let it affect them. Junior Alexis Gurchske has had nothing but a positive outlook for herself and her team this season.

“The team is great,” said Gurcshke. “They’re all motivational and really nice. The coaches are good, too.”

Girls’ head coach Ian Robins has nothing but uplifting things to say about his team and where they are skillfully this year.

“The girls set a very good and high standard for them for the rest of the season with some room to grow,” said Robins. “We are hoping that all of our athletes continue to work hard, get better, and improve upon their times in their individual events.”

The annual leaving for seniors can get pretty emotional for many, as is the case for Hahn.

“It’ll be the last time competing for RB and with a lot of my friends and it’ll probably be emotional,” said Hahn, “but I want to make it last as long as possible.”

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Tim Buckley, Staff Reporter
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Tim Buckley, a senior, is very excited for the year ahead. This is the first time in his 17 year life experience when he finally leaves his personal landfill that they call “Tim’s Room”. While he spends so much time in his room that it now has its own postal code, you may find Tim on the RB Football Field, baking the in constant heat. Or you can hear him complaining about why there isn’t any snow in September, and why it has to be 90 degrees during a game. Tim’s long term goal for the future is to become the first teacher at RB to teach AP Underwater Basket Weaving, as well as his pride and joy, AP Existential Crisis. Tim is a first year reporter for the Clarion and is excited for the year! If you must contact me in anyway, email me at [email protected]

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  1. Greg Boswell on September 7th, 2018 10:33 am

    Great article Dallas, the grind never stops

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RB track teams successful despite rough weather