Trending upward: YouTubers at RB


Youtuber Katie A Mahoney filming a video.

Tyler Kelstrom, Staff Reporter

Another popular hobby has emerged in Riverside Brookfield High School: YouTube.

Students of all ages, such as sophomores Beck Nolan, Violet Kaufman, Lily Lockwood and senior Katie Mahoney, post videos on YouTube. They put lots of hard work into thinking of ideas, creating the video, editing, and advertising their videos, especially because their friends are watching.

Nolan was encouraged to create content after following the work of older and popular YouTubers.

“I started mostly because Casey Neistat inspired me with his every day vlogs,” said Nolan.

Some students view YouTube to be as much of a priority as other extracurricular activities.

“I usually take around 4 hours per week to do my hobbies and create YouTube content,” said Mahoney.

YouTubers at RB upload on a weekly schedule or whenever they have the chance. 

“I like to upload around 1 to 2 videos per week. They usually average around 350 views,” said Kaufman.

Most YouTubers name their channel after themselves to make YouTube a more professional, creative platform. 

“My channel name is just Beck Nolan. I feel like it’s more original with your own name,” said Nolan.

Some of these videos get a significant number of views.

“My videos get anywhere from 180 views to 1.3k views. I think it’s crazy,” said Kaufman.

Subscribers are one way to measure success in the YouTube community by showing how many people are following content actively. 

“I have 65 subscribers, and the funny thing is that I don’t know some of them,” said Lockwood.

RB YouTubers make sure to have fun during the entire creative process.

“I think it’s really fun to make videos and put lots of effort in them,” said Mahoney.