Girls’ water polo off to a strong start


The girls during their trip to Florida.

Michael Fanta, Media Editor

The girls’ water polo team has had a strong start this season, currently sporting a 10-5 record.  The girls have not reached a record over .500 in recent years, so coach Todd Fridrych is hoping they continue to improve.

“We’ve never had an over .500 record, so we’re making great progress as a program,” said Fridrych.

The main goal of the team is to get a high seed in Sectionals.  Last year’s team achieved a five seed, so this year’s team is working hard to secure a higher seed.

“We’re trying to improve from a five seed last year to a two or three seed, not sure if we’ll get it, but that’s the ultimate goal,” said Fridrych.

While very successful on most fronts, the girls’ team still has a significant weakness in their scoring abilities.  

“Our defense is sound, ball handling is sound, we’re just having a hard time at this point in the season putting the ball in the net,” said Fridrych.  

To remedy this, more drills have been added to their practices to enhance their skill sets, with an emphasis on scoring.

The team’s two highest scorers this season are senior Tatum Bruno and junior Leah Harazin.  However, Fridrych sees the team as well-rounded, with everyone trying their hardest.

“It is a well-rounded team.  I think those two are a bit better than everybody else, but everybody else is right there with them.  They all have a lot of talent,” said Fridrych.

Playing on the team requires great dedication, with a game or practice taking place everyday.

“There’s upwards of 30 games a season, so once the season is underway, it’s full throttle,” said Fridrych.

Coach Fridrych believes that the main thing that separates this team from the past teams that he has coached is that they are simply more skilled.

“This is probably the best team RB has ever seen in water polo,” said Fridrych.

The girls’ team took a trip to Fort Lauderdale in Flordia to compete and have fun, which proved to be very good for the team.

“The trip over spring break was very beneficial.  I think we saw a lot of progression out of the athletes in that time frame.  We played a couple games down there and were able to win both, so it was a big part of the season for us and our girls,” said Fridrych.

Six seniors will be lost at the end of the season, however the team will still have many juniors and sophomores left to play.