New Orchestra teacher is anything but flat


Sarah Strubbe

Andrick conducts the Riverside Brookfield Chamber Orchestra during class.

Sarah Strubbe, Staff Reporter

A new face has been wandering the halls of the Riverside Brookfield Music Department. This is no Phantom of the Opera, however; this face belongs to Katherine Andrick, the new RB orchestra teacher.

Andrick began working at RB at the beginning of the 2018-19 school year, and teaches the Chamber and String Orchestras with the assistance of Band and Orchestra Director James Baum.

She began playing violin when she was 10, and started picking up other instruments from there. Although she considers violin to be her main instrument, she also plays viola, cello, electric bass, and guitar.

“What would happen is I would get really mad at violin, and get bored, so I picked up cello, and then I got mad at that, so I picked up a guitar, but I always came back to violin,” said Andrick.

An alum of Lyons Township High School, Andrick got her start teaching private lessons to young musicians in feeder schools for LTHS.

“I’ve been private teaching since I was in high school. It was my first job,” said Andrick. “I’ve never had any job besides teaching music.”

In addition to private lessons, Andrick also took a music independent study course in composing and AP Music Theory. You can see more information about Music Matters

“I was really into it in high school. My teachers really inspired me,” said Andrick. “I knew in high school that I wanted to be a music teacher. I was that kid.”

Andrick continued her music career at Elmhurst College. Her college professors were mentors and further inspired her to continue her passion.

A friend of Baum prior to her work at RB, he let her know that the job position was opening up. She now works beside him directing all of the orchestra ensembles in the music department.

“[Baum is] the best. He cares so much about all of [his students]. He is really inspiring for that reason,” said Andrick.

Outside of RB, Andrick had been a part of groups such as Beat Mix Music and the Matt Jones Orchestra. A fan of jazz and soul music, she has training in improvisation and composition.

“All [the students] are really inspiring me,” said Andrick. “It’s cool seeing what all the kids are doing and what all the ensembles are able to do, and how everyone grows from the start to where they are now. So by the end of the year, it’s going to be awesome to see their progress.”