Happy Halloween?


Alexis Leone, Staff Reporter

The start of the holidays are always the wonderful times of the year; a time for getting together with family for some annual activities, treats and traditions of all sorts. And most importantly, we cannot forget the decorations. One of the most important parts of all holidays is, of course, putting up decorations, whether it’s Christmas trees and lights for Christmas, or some skeletons and spiderwebs for Halloween. But when is it too soon to present these things in stores? Especially Halloween decor?

 As some may have noticed, many stores have been known to be providing halloween decorations at times as early as the beginning of August , or before Labor day. Target being one of them to just put out a brand new line of fall decor in the beginning of August of this year, advertising all types of wonderful and new decor,however,Why so soon? Why not September or actual October?

After looking at maybe why they do this, the stores may actually have a good reason to do so. Many stores such as Target, Macy’s, Walgreens and many more “Have a retailing demand for early holiday merchandise,” according to a source from npr.org. As the holidays draw near, the more competitive sides of these providers awaken to get their shelves filled early, regardless of whether it’s October or not. Sure, the specific holidays haven’t stumbled around yet but of course when you are competing against other providers you want to get that head start.

Not only is the reasoning to their early producing reasonable, but does it really matter at all? Sure, the shelves are stocked too early with unnecessary decor for that given month, but does that mean you have to buy it yet? No, but it’s not bad to do some early shopping to prepare if you’d like. Many may not mind them being there for show if some enjoy the holidays, others however, may find it irritating that it hadn’t even hit September yet. It’s all a matter of opinion, but honestly, who wouldn’t wanna walk into the store and suddenly feel pumped for pumpkin carving and bags of candy?