New crosswalk on Golf promotes safety


Captured by Lexi Soto

RB Students using new crosswalk.

There is a new crosswalk in RBHS that differs from all others surrounding the school. It is located near Door A, near the football field and zoo entrance. Since the new crosswalk appeared so suddenly, some students and faculty wondered how it came about.

“It was a grant that was funded through the Riverside function. It was about 13,000 dollars,” said Dave Mannon, the assistant principal of student resources.

The grant was applied through both municipalities of Brookfield and Riverside police departments. The position of the new sign was based on multiple factors.

“We increased our parking last year by fifty or so spots. We have more students parking in the zoo lot now, so the amount of students crossing there is significant,” said Mannon.

The lights make drivers understand how pertinent it is that they stop. In addition to my class with the crosswalks, the new paint, which is more reflective, and flashing lights make the area safer.

“Last year we put down this thermal paste crosswalk paint that’ll last for three years. It’s highly reflective,” said Mannon.

The crosswalk came with solar panels and make the crosswalk free to power.

One intersection can cost almost $600 per year in electricity  and the solar arrays come with a warranty for some 25 or 30 years according to and

“It’s very earth friendly,” Scheidler said.

Students agree with the new placement of the crosswalk sign.

“I think it was a good idea to keep students safe,” said sophomore Gavin Ference.

“It makes me feel safer” said junior Lydia Scheidle.